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About me 

Am Vishal Mehdwan Founder and the Owner of this Marketing Based Blog

When i start studying blogging i was just 17 years old ND it took me 5 years to understand the proper game of blogging.

so now at the age of 23 i came up with my personal blog to help out newbie Bloggers not to waste there 5 years  ♥

And About my Lifestyle, I spend 18 hours of my day in front of my digital devices.

My Vision

I would like to start my Own Company, I thought CEO & Founder Better suit me :-p , Am much inspired by Sir Warren Buffett,

It's far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price.

 I always knew I was going to be rich. I don't think I ever doubted it for a minute. by Warren Buffett

is my fav quotes , About this blog i would like to see it in top 10 Indian Blogging Blogs till the End of 2017 

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Hi ,

My name is Vishal Mehdwan, am founder of this blog vishalmehdwan.com

Am 21 years old and Yamunanagar Based Blogger

I started blogging in Nov 2014, at that time I took blogging very lightly After than by a lot of googling and other stuff, am came in contact with some big names in the market.

And hence my blogging Career got some speed 🙂

Am not a big name in blogging market at that time because I execute my lot of work anonymously.

After than I decide something to start. That help newbie in the blogging, therefore, is coming up with this blog

In this blog, you will get every help regarding about WordPress Blogging and Google Adsense ad network problems

I Al way's there for your help 🙂

My Life at a glance -

I complete my starting education in a small school in my neighbor village, after then I took admission in government school for my 12th, and now am doing engineering in computer science in small college situated in Haryana

My Hobbies -

I like to play Cricket, Spending time over the internet 🙂

My Target -

I promise I will try my best in helping you that's my karma, in case, am failed negative feedback is also appreciated, mail me at hello@vishalmehdwan.com

Over to you, my final advice to all you, is that reading my About me page doesn't bring you success, try to read the thing's and took a pen & a paper make a plan and execute it with full force , otherwise there nothing that can help you, it's up to you, and only you can change your life & let's do it together

I will do my best, and I will share mine all experience about blogging and SEO than what's your job you need to read the stuff carefully and execute it on your strategy

For Your Success

vishal mehdwan